In the today’s dynamic business environment, it is required to have the right controlling, accounting and reporting practices. Corporates spend a huge amount every year on audit, compliance and assurance. KEN’s Management Assurance plays a critical role in supporting operational growth; controlling costs, and scrutinizing business concerns.

It also entails effective and efficient corporate governance, and reposing investor faith. Our management assurance services permit businesses to manage their growth while ensuring a consistent practice and effective management of business procedures. KEN provides auditing services that are aimed at maximizing management assurance. The client has the advantage of our services that are on par with the best in the industry.

The dedicated team of process consultants and domain experts provide business insights that provide a continuous, sustainable and cost effective support services. Converting management purpose to steady internal control processes and concurrently organizing the growth of the business is a constant challenge faced by businesses today. KEN steps in at this juncture to simplify the processes, set the tone of the business intent and navigate the client towards greater success.

KEN offers business advisory services for businesses that are a value addition. The Assurance services team provides expert guidance of the business system and devices methods to identify and eliminate any weak links.

Assurance Some of the key management assurance services offered by us are:

  • Pre-Audit
  • Internal Audit
  • Management Audit on internal control and processes
  • Audit of Accounts Payables, Accounts Receivables, General ledgers
  • Investigation Audit
  • Management Information System Audit
  • Project Site Audit
  • Periodical Inventory Audit


The trend today is for companies to have a transparent and demonstrable compliance system. Companies find it an enormous task to interpret and implement the ever changing and increasing regulatory requirements. KEN’s pool of regulatory specialists and in- house skilled experts is able to ensure that the client meets the compliance requirements, without much ado.

KEN with its wide network of industry experts, operating across the nation, provides the convenience of dealing with one firm for all the statutory compliance needs of business. With different state laws applicable across the country it can become cumbersome to do business. KEN offers all compliances under one roof across India. KEN’s relationship managers identify the requirements and communicate effectively to offer the best solutions and services that leave the client to focus on the core business issue. The statutory compliance services save the client enormous time and effort and make it possible to focus attention on the business. An exceedingly professional team of compliance experts and IT professionals guarantee that your company meets the specified compliance standards of statutes applicable to your industry.

KEN’s approaches and technologies design programmes that deal and deliver compliance programmes for both internal controls and other compliant transactions. The team of experts is equipped with knowledge of the ever changing government regulations and the processes and techniques of working towards providing solutions for the same. ComplianceThe compliances are provided under various statues by a statue related expert.

We present compliance services in the areas of:

  • Income Tax
  • Company Law
  • Labour Law
  • Customs and Excise
  • Sales Tax
  • FEMA

Outsourcing Services

‘Time’ is the most precious ‘resource’ any business in the world possesses! Utilizing and leveraging this resource to the maximum potential and applying it to the most profitable core skill of the business, makes perfect business sense. In today’s competitive environment outsourcing has become a way of life. Irrespective of the size of the company, Corporates realize time is valuable and it makes better logic to outsource non-core activities to street their company to bigger growth and serve their clients better.

Outsourcing ServicesKEN offers customized process outsourcing which enables any business with:

  •     Consistent, reliable, continued and scalable operational/business support
  •     Geographical reach and spread
  •     Increased bandwidth for sustained growth
  •     Independent implementing and assessment of process
  •     Increased internal control
  •     Improved process efficiency and best practices


The analytical capabilities of the team provide industry specific best practices and business insight to deliver relevant solutions. This helps to calibrate business processes leading to gain and long-term sustained performance.

KEN believes in close interaction and efficient communication with the client. This is achieved by placing a team at the client’s site that coordinates with the in- house team for all the outsourcing requirements. The client benefits from the proven problem solving expertise of Ken Consulting. The commitment, deep financial and accounting knowledge coupled with timely and innovative methodologies has kept us ahead in the field.

KEN provides business support services that help sustain and enhance the growth of the company. The client can concentrate on the nucleus of the business, while the essence of all non-core functions is taken care by our outsourcing services. Each of these services is tailor made to suit the customer’s outsourcing needs incorporating a judicious mix of subject matter expertise, customer’s business environment and challenges levering technology. We provide both offsite and onsite services.

Our outsourcing services are provided in all the non core functions of the business including areas such as:

  •     Inventory
  •     logistics
  •     Accounts payables,
  •     Accounts receivable
  •     Vendor Management
  •     Fixed Asset Management Solutions
  •     Financial Accounting in SAP/ Oracle/ other ERP environment
  •     Management Information Reporting and analysis